Tom Clancy’s The Division

Official info about the game!

What I accomplished

  • Refactoring of the UI Animation Tools pipeline to enhance flexibility and open up for more refactoring, modifications and enhancements later on.
  • Experimental UI controlled Depth of Field and Camera movement.
  • Holographic projection noise/bleed on select UI controlled elements.
  • Spherical & Cylindrical mapping of select Textures.
  • UI representation of the game Inventory.
  • Inventory preference sorting.
  • Increased functionality with Nodes in the tools, allowing for more feedback and quick, flexible use.
  • Displaying and controlling of 3D models in the Inventory UI.
  • Displaying individual characters through the UI, with correct equipment from last session played.
  • Moving Grenade Toss from a skill into an actual weapon to equip and use, allowing for designer customized grenades with funny effects.

Most of the work done with the UI was almost exclusively conducted via in-house node graphs, tools and systems. The rest was conducted via C++ and in-house shading language.