Void War

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Information about the game

Title:                                                       Void War
Genre:                                                    2D Shoot ’em Up
Development time:                               Halftime, 8 weeks
Role:                                                       Game Programmer
Languages:                                            C++


You play as an angry Marsian citizen who’s had enough of the humans and their mars-probes they’ve been sending constantly, violating your privacy. You set out in your spaceship to destroy the humans once and for all! You upgrade your ships health, shields and weapons as you work your way through the human defenses at the moon and the earth, fighting in space, orbit and just above ground. You get to crush 2 bosses, one at the end of each ground level.


What I accomplished

  • Player health and shield
  • Weapons and Projectiles
  • Power-ups
  • Enemies
  • All Turrets
  • The First Boss
  • All the Space-stations you encounter in space
  • Laser-blockingbridge
  • FMOD integration

I also composed a few levels


Project Members

Battle Wars – Conflict in Dispute