U.S Battlotrons

Information about the game

Title:                                                       U.S Battlotrons
Genre:                                                    3D Real Time Strategy
Development time:                              Halftime, 9 weeks
Role:                                                       Programmer Lead
Languages:                                            C++, HLSL


In modern day, the robots developed by the U.S Government to fight the Nazis of the WW2, have been disposed of for many years, but by accident, the robots have started to come alive again and terrorize the world!
You play the game in modern society as Anti-Tech, the guys you call when you want those pesky WW2 U.S Battlotrons, to be removed from your vicinity.


What I accomplished

  • Logical and Visual representation of the Terrain
  • AI world representation grid
  • Complete in-game level loading from Maya exports


Project Members

Dead Station