Download – Timetanic

Information about the game

Title:                                                       Timetanic
Genre:                                                    2D Point ‘n Click
Development time:                              Halftime, 8 weeks
Role:                                                       Game Programmer / Game Designer
Languages:                                            C++


The game is played as the adventurous heroine Esther who traveled back in time when her time-machine malfunctioned and crash-landed somewhere in time. This crash-landing in time happened to be in the early ages of the Aztecs, where Esther has to find suitable components to replace the broken ones in the core of the time-machine, together with her trusty robot pal Roderick.


What I accomplished

  • Items
  • Inventory
  • Item Combinations
  • Item Tool-tips
  • Area Change
  • NPCs

I also had a leading hand in the general progression throughout the game.


Project Members

Void War