Dead Station

Information about the game

Title:                                                       Dead Station
Genre:                                                    3D First Person Shooter
Development time:                               Halftime, 9 weeks
Role:                                                       Game Programmer / Game Designer
Languages:                                            C++, HLSL, Lua


You play the game as a female pilot that crash landed during a storm into an abandoned train station. The train station has strange, green, glowing mushrooms all over the place. As you go deeper into the train station you get attacked by zombies! The zombies have the same green, glowing goo on their bodies, maybe there’s a connection?


What I accomplished

  • Logical and Visual Representations for both Weapons and Projectiles
  • Playable Character
  • Havok Physics Integration with everything
  • Deffered Rendering
  • Parts of our Global Illumination solution
  • Lua-Integration


Project Members


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