Battle Wars – Conflict In Dispute

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Information about the game

Title:                                                       Battle Wars – Conflict in Dispute
Genre:                                                    2D Turn Based Strategy
Development time:                               Halftime, 8 weeks
Role:                                                       Game Programmer / Unit Balancing & Creation
Languages:                                            C++


The game is about WW3 where the evil powers have taken over the world but one part of one land, Australia! With your foot-soldiers and engineers, blitz-tanks and EMP-vehicles, artillery and AT-Spiders, together with the almighty Mega-Tank, you set yourself on a quest as the Australian rebellion forces to overtake the evil forces of doom!

What I accomplished

  • Pause/Help Menu
  • Load/Save
  • Game-States

I was also in the group that formed the unit content and balancing.


Project Members

Astro Droids