Astro Station

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Information about the game

Title:                                                       Astro Station
Genre:                                                    3D Puzzle Adventure / First Person Shooter
Development time:                               Halftime, 9 weeks
Role:                                                       Game Programmer
Languages:                                            C++, HLSL, Lua


You play the game as the Janitor of a space hotel. It’s very luxurious and contains many droids and robots for service purposes. But one day the robots suddenly run amok! It’s your job as the Janitor to “Mop the problem up”. Equipped with your trusty Janitron walkingbot that uses it’s antigravity gun to move objects and clean, you set out to unlock the now locked hotel doors and stop the robots insurrection once and for all.

What I accomplished

  • Experimental fog solutions
  • Exponential shadow mapping
  • Player & AI body & base movement
  • Refactor the rendering solution & system
  • Light projected 2D Textures

Project Members