Astro Droids

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Information about the game

Title:                                                      Astro Droids
Genre:                                                   3D Space Shooter
Development time:                              Halftime, 10 weeks
Role:                                                      Programmer Lead
Languages:                                            C++, HLSL


You play as an asteroid mineral farmer in outer space, together with your wife and dog, until one day where strange leech like robotic beings become stuck on your asteroids, jamming your signals. As you take care of them you delve deeper and deeper into a fight for all asteroid crystal miners. You get to have companions fighting together with you against the several kinds of enemies that you encounter through your journey.


What I accomplished

  • 2D Sprites
  • 2D GUI Interface together with visual targeting/tracking
  • Loading Screen
  • Collision Detection
  • Cannon ship AI
  • Enemy ship-turrets
  • FMOD 3D integration
  • Physically Based Lighting
  • Particle System

I was also in the group that formed the unit content and balancing.


Project Members

U.S Battlotrons