Quick descriptions of my school games are listed here, for more detailed information please click the links or use the Games drop-down header.

The games range from being the latest made at the top, to the first made at the bottom.

Games listed below are the ones I was a part of making while in the industry!

Games listed below are the ones I made while attending The Game Assembly!

  • Astro Station – A 3D Puzzle Adventure / First Person Shooter that takes place in a 5 star hotel in space, starring the super all powerful Janitor with his Janitron.
  • Dead Station – A 3D First Person Shooter that takes place in an old abandoned Train Station, roaming with mushroom infested, glowing zombies.
  • U.S Battlotrons – A 3D Real Time Strategy that takes place in a near future where old robots from the U.S army in the WW2, rise to life again.
  • Astro Droids – A 3D Space Shooter that takes place in asteroid fields in space, suddenly infested with insectoid machines.
  • Void War – A 2D Shoot ’em Up that takes place near earth, where an angry Marsian citizen has had enough of all the probes sent from Earth, to his home world, so he sets out to destroy humanity.
  • Timetanic – A 2D Point ‘n Click that takes place somewhere in the old Aztec era, where a future inventor suddenly time-crash-land and sets out on a quest to repair the damaged time machine to get home again.