Hello there, my name is Christoffer Warkentin, and I was born in March ’90. I’m a games programmer, plain and simple.

Why did I become a games programmer you wonder? Because of three simple factors. One, I love games. They’ve been a major part of my life in letting me escape my own reality for a moment, and is my number one stress relief. Two, through college I found that I’m pretty good at programming, and it was fun and felt natural, powerful even to be able to command a computer to do my bidding. Three, I want to make people happy, and what way do I come to think of when games have been such a great part of my life? It’s quite obvious, and that led me with a burning desire to make good games, great games even, so that others may enjoy them just as much I do.

This website is mainly a housing my school(The Game Assembly) portfolio of games to show for it, and to serve as my online portfolio, even if it’s a bit crude for the moment. I believe that sometime in the future, I will be adding a blog feed on my hobby game project achievements.

I have my Résumé available in both Swedish and English as well.
English – Résumé

Svenska – CV

If you would feel the need to contact me, you can do it via these nifty little ways listed below!
Phone: +46 738 03 93 08
Email: info@warkentin.se
Linked-in: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/christoffer-warkentin/25/426/549